Frequently Asked Questions

What is Toastmasters?

The Toastmasters International (TMI) organization is a non profit organization headquartered in Colorado, USA. Started in 1924, the Toastmasters mission has been to improve its members communication and leadership skills through a proven approach that focuses on self development and self confidence in public speaking. Visit the Toastmasters International website

Where Does The Name Toastmasters Come From?

The name ‘Toastmaster’ is a holdover from the founding of the organization, when one of the main types of speaking in public was speaking after dinner, known as toastmastering.

Why Should I Look Into Toastmasters?

Communication and leadership skills are essential in both business and home life environments. Toastmasters provides a great opportunity for you to improve your communication skills. You will be surprised how supportive a Toastmasters club really is. You have taken the first step by attending one of our sessions! Click here for more information

How Is Glen Abbey Different From Other Clubs In Oakville?

Our club is one of several in the Oakville area. All clubs offer the same basic structure as laid out in its charter by Toastmasters International. However, there are variances in terms of location, timing of meetings, meeting structure, seniority of members, etc. You are best advised to sample several clubs to determine which is the most suitable for you.  Toastmasters Clubs can be found in the global directory at Toastmasters international here.

Where and When does Glen Abbey Toastmasters meet?

Currently we alternate between in-person meetings, and Zoom sessions. You can get the link to the next session by sending us an email! For our in-person meetings, we meet at Trafalgar Park Community Centre (Oakville) on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm from September to June.

What Happens at a Meeting?

A typical meeting consists of 4 major segments. The chairperson conducts the Opening session (including introduction of officers & guests, Table Topics, Toast and Word of the day). This is then followed by the Business session (minutes, officer reports, and practice in parliamentary procedure) or an educational session. After the recess, the Toastmaster is in charge of the Prepared Speech portion including the award presentation, while the General Evaluator conducts the Evaluation segment.  Click here for more information 

What Is The Membership Fee?

Membership fees are based on room rental costs and are consequently subject to change. For 2023/2024, the annual fee is $280 for new members (including a one time fee of $30) and $250 for returning members.  Click here for more information.

What is the Duration of the Educational Program?

The Toastmaster program is not a course you take and get a diploma. The Pathways are the basis for subsequent speech assignments specializing storytelling, management, humour, sales presentation, interpretive reading, etc. You decide how slowly or quickly you want to proceed and in what area you want to further your speaking skills.

Do I Have To Attend Every Meeting?

Attendance is voluntary. Many of our members cannot attend each meeting. However, consistent attendance adds to the learning experience. The more you participate not just in giving speeches but also other functions, the greater the benefit you will receive.

Can I Bring Other Guests?

Absolutely! Guests are always welcome. We provide a friendly and supportive atmosphere that will build your confidence and improve your speaking and leadership skills. For those that request it, we also provide volunteer mentors to get you acquainted with the program. However, after three visits as a guest, we expect you to have made up your mind as to whether our club is the right one for you. Click here for more information about being a guest.