Membership Fees and Forms

Glen Abbey Toastmasters and Toastmasters International are non profit organizations.  Membership fees are based solely on recovering anticipated club expenses.

The major portion of the fees pertain to the cost of meeting room rental and club supplies, followed by Toastmasters International dues and subsequently expenses relating to club and area level speech contests.

The annual membership fee is based on a 12-month season (weekly sessions in September to June and bi-weekly sessions July to August) and is payable when you join and then annually every September.

Fees for the second year of your membership are prorated to the beginning of the regular season, ie. September. (For example, a person joining during January would have their second year’s fees prorated over 6 months, January to June.)

Memberships can be paid by E-transfer (made payable to Glen Abbey Toastmasters).  Receipts are issued to members.

2021 / 2022 Rates

New Membership: $235.00 per season
Member Renewal: $200.00 per season

The one-time surcharge for new members covers the cost of Toastmasters International ‘New Membership Kit’, a set of publications to guide you in your quest to improve your communication and leadership skills.  Members have access to online resources and receive the monthly Toastmaster magazine offering a unique perspective on a wide range of communication and leadership topics.