Mentoring is a big part of the Toastmasters Journey – and a big part of the GATM journey.

What Is A Mentor?

A mentor takes a personal interest in and helps a new member – offering knowledge, insight, perspective or wisdom.

As a new member, you often don’t know exactly what a Timer, a Grammarian, or an Evaluator does.  And new members are expected to participate and give their first ice breaker speech soon after joining.  This can be a little daunting.

So, that’s why we have mentors for new members.  Mentors are experienced members that can explain the Toastmasters Journey – the program, the roles, the agendas, and where to find information.  Mentors also help you prepare and rehearse your first three speeches.

Benefits Of Mentoring For New Members

  • Learn the program and club customs – Pathway projects, club meeting roles, membership opportunities)
  • Develop confidence and improve participation in club activities
  • Quickly learn speaking skills to advance faster
  • Get valuable personal attention and ongoing support.

Benefits Of Mentoring For Experienced Members

  • Learn new information and perspectives from those you mentor
  • Keep your knowledge and skills sharp.  Learn new skills, and refine and revitalize existing skills.
  • Receiving recognition and appreciation by fellow members

For more information about the Toastmasters International mentoring program, go to:
The Magic of Mentoring on the Toastmasters International site.