What a delectable (word of the day) night we had! Our meeting Chair Gordon Vuong sent this email to all of us five days before the meeting:

What is an Adventure in Food?

They say “variety is the spice of life”. 

I say the BEST way to get variety in life is through the literal spices, textures, flavours of yummy food! You can learn a lot about a country, its people, traditions, and culture through its food. Since we cannot really travel now, we can still go on a CULINARY ADVENTURE! 

I encourage you to support your local restaurants and order take out from a new place. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, experiment and cook a new recipe you’ve never made before. Not so adventurous? That’s okay, tell us all about your favorite comfort food that gives you warm fuzzy memories when you eat it.

Please come ready to share stories of your own adventures in food!   

Bon Appétit!
Your food obsessed Chair 

Of course the whole club jumped in to participate – because of course we all love to eat!

Great meeting theme Mr. Chair!