Glen Abbey Toastmasters will be hosting the Club level Table Topics and International Speech Contests in December 2021

Table Topics Speech Contest

Table Topics are 1-2 minutes long.  They are impromptu speeches given on a topic that the speaker has no prior knowledge of. The contest is held at the Club, Area, Division, and District level.

The Table Topics Contest will be held on December 1, 2021

International Speech Contest

International speeches should be original speeches of 5-7 minutes. They can be given on any subject, and can be serious, funny, or inspirational. The International Speech Contest is held at the Club, Area, Division, District, and International level, and as it goes all the way to the International level, it is the most important of all the Toastmaster contests, and where the World Champion of Public Speaking is decided! In order to be a contestant in this contest, a Toastmaster must have completed at least 6 speeches from the Competent Communicator or Pathways Program.

The International Speech Contest will be held on December 15, 2021

We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing Glen Abbey Toastmasters compete!