District 86 Membership Leadership Award

District 86 Membership Leadership Award

Glen Abbey Toastmasters won the Membership Leadership at the District level in 2019/2020!

The Membership Leadership Award is given to the club with the highest number of points in the Membership Leadership category – clubs who have successfully grown their membership base.

In 2019/2020,18 new members have joined our club despite the challenges that all the clubs because of the pandemic.

Congratulations to GlenAbbey Toastmasters and the 2019/2020 executive team!

Gift Baskets for Toastmasters

Gift Baskets for Toastmasters

Congratulations to the first place winner of the baskets: Bernardo Torres. Also congratulations to the other winners.

District Champion Roger Caesar visits Glen Abbey Toastmasters

District Champion Roger Caesar visits Glen Abbey Toastmasters

On May 8th, 2019, Glen Abbey Toastmasters had the pleasure of welcoming guest speaker Roger Caesar to our club. 

Roger Caesar is a 4-time District 86 Speech Champion, a 3-time international award winning speaker and a 3 time semi finalist at the World Championships of Public Speaking. He is also a motivational speaker who helps others to develop their speaking skills and maximize their greatness. In 2018, he was the recipient of the City of Brampton Volunteer Award for helping start up entrepreneurs.

Roger wowed our club with his inspirational message in a speech titled “Didn’t See it Coming!”. He talked about the personal struggles he has gone through, and how we all need to look past the “small picture” failures and focus on the “big picture” – what we truly want out of our lives – in order to keep pushing forward and succeeding.

Congratulations 2019/2020 Club Officers

President – Krista Rowan
VP Education – Rose Ford
VP Membership – Muraad Shah
VP Public Relations – Tamur Shah
Treasurer – Janet Newcombe
Secretary – Bahareh Tehrani
Sergeant At Arms – Zehra Raza
Past President – Gordon Vuong

Congratulations Keith Rabey – Distinguished Toastmaster

Congratulations DTM KR

Glen Abbey Toastmasters Club Member Keith Rabey recently achieved a big Toastmasters milestone – his Distinguished Toastmaster designation.

What is a Distinguished Toastmaster?

The Distinguished Toastmaster is the highest award Toastmasters bestows. The DTM recognizes a high level of achievement in both the communication and leadership tracks in the Toastmasters education program. To be eligible for the award, you must have completed / earned the following (links take you to details at Toastmasters International):

Keith joined Toastmasters in 2009, and over the last 6 years completed over 75 speeches at Glen Abbey, at other clubs, and at District 86 events.  In addition, he held roles as the Glen Abbey Toastmasters Club VP PR, Club President, and Area Director. 

Thoughts On Toastmasters

I joined Toastmasters with the goal to improve my public speaking and particularly my interviewing skills. Table Topics was instrumental in helping me achieve that goal. Over time I have become much more confident and able to stand up and deliver speeches in many situations in my personal and professional life.

One of the surprises I found with Toastmasters was the leadership component of the program. I took on leadership roles on the executive of GATM and went on to become an Area Director serving and leading 5 clubs in Mississauga.

Many individuals have helped me along the way.  I would like to say Thank You to all, who have applauded when I spoke, who have provided verbal or written evaluations. Thank you to all who have encouraged me with “good job Keith!” or a friendly pat on the back.  This is what Toastmasters is all about, as safe supportive environment to learn and develop.

I actively promote Toastmasters when the opportunity presents itself and encourage everyone to sign up and take advantage of this fantastic program!

Congratulations 2018/2019 Club Officers

President – Gordon Vuong
VP Education – Alisha Braund
VP Membership – Krista Rowan
VP Public Relations – Yas Sakka
Treasurer – Araceli Hernandez
Secretary – Muraad Shah
Sargeant At Arms – G. Merei
Past President – Rose Ford

Halloween 2017

A fun halloween-themed meeting was held at the GATM on November 1st, 2017. Our members were dressed up in great Halloween costumes and shared ghoulsidh stories and spook-tacular evaluations. What a fun night! 

Halloween 2017 Meeting

Congratulations 2017 / 2018 Club Officers Elect

to our 2017/2018 Club Officers elect:

  • President – Rose Ford
  • Vice-President Education – Fatima Hussain
  • Vice-President Membership – Lucy Martins
  • Vice-President Public Relations – Zehra Raza
  • Treasurer – Nancy Simonot
  • Sergeant At Arms – Helena Karabela
  • Secretary – Flora Sun

Congratulations Flora Sun

Congratulations FloraSun

In November 2016, Flora Sun received her Competent Communicator designation.  The Competent Communicator is the first speaking designation in the Toastmasters program and is achieved after creating, practicing and delivering 10 speeches with specific project goals.  We asked her a few questions about her experience at Glen Abbey Toastmasters.

How long have you been a Toastmaster?
I have been a Toastmaster since January, 2015.

Why did you join Toastmasters?
Originally, I wanted to improve my English listening and speaking skills. With the help of Glen Abbey’s experienced club members, I improved my public speaking skills.

What have you learned from your Toastmasters journey?
I learned a lot from the Toastmasters. After every speech, I received constructive feedback from my evaluator and club members. Many experienced members took a lot of time to help me improve my tone and gestures and encouraged me to continue to practice my public speaking skills. 

What surprised you about Toastmasters?
How really encouraging the environment is. After my first speech, I was waiting for the criticizing feedback, but instead – the evaluator was really encouraging and pointed out my strong points while gently and kindly mentioning areas that could be improved. This helped me a lot to continue to practice. 

What do you like most about our club?
The really friendly encouraging environment. Many club members are not only excellent public speakers, but also the humorous performers. 

Congratulations Reema Duggal – Distinguished Toastmaster

Congratulations DTM ReemaDuggal

Glen Abbey Toastmasters Club Member Reema Duggal recently achieved a big Toastmasters milestone – her Distinguished Toastmaster designation.

What is a Distinguished Toastmaster?

The Distinguished Toastmaster is the highest award Toastmasters bestows. The DTM recognizes a high level of achievement in both the communication and leadership tracks in the Toastmasters education program. To be eligible for the award, you must have completed / earned the following (links take you to details at Toastmasters International):

Reema joined Toastmasters in 2010, and over the last 6 years completed over 75 speeches at Glen Abbey, at other clubs, and at District 86 events.  In addition she held roles as the Glen Abbey Toastmasters Club VP PR, Club President, and Area 35 Governor.  She also led the Toastmasters 86 Member Communications and Engagement Committee, and received the District 86 Legacy Award for her vision and foundational work in designing the District 86 communication strategy / channel.

Thoughts On Toastmasters

Reema says “Toastmasters is one of the best things I have ever done.  The program is exceptional and the peer2peer format creates a very supportive and positive environment for everyone to become better at public speaking and leadership. I encourage everyone to come to a meeting to see what it’s all about.”

Next Steps?  “I’m thinking about what I have to do to become an Accredited Speaker……… but that will take another few years.  I’m in no rush.  In the meantime, I hope to be able to mentor new club members and help the club celebrate our 25th Anniversary in 2017.”

President’s Message

At Glen Abbey Toastmasters, people with similar communication and leadership goals and interests come together to support, guide and encourage each other. We are a welcoming, diverse community where you can make connections with friends and mentors.

With 2017 as the 25th anniversary of our founding, the club’s continued success has been the result of the contributions of talented and dedicated members and the energy and leadership of executive committee members through the years.

I’m very excited and honoured to be President for 2016/2017 year. I invite you to explore what we to offer you through our website and discover what sets us apart from other Toastmaster clubs. Want to experience one of our meetings for yourself? 

Join us at an upcoming meeting as our guest and don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.

Best Regards

WendyRintoulWendy Rintoul
President, Glen Abbey Toastmasters

Congratulations To Our 2016/2017 Executive

Glen Abbey Toastmasters recently held Club Elections for the 2016/2017 season.  Congratulations to the following members who ran for election and will be leading our club next year:

  • President – Wendy Rintoul
  • Vice-President Education – Rose Ford
  • Vice-President Membership – Tariqul Islam / Liz Akey
  • Vice-President Public Relations – Sushila Pereira / Beverly Roberts
  • Treasurer – Kevin Chisholm
  • Sargeant At Arms – Flora Sun / Maha Mansoor
  • Secretary – Helena Karabela

Major Achievement

Reema Duggal ACS

Congratualations to Toastmaster Reema Duggal on achieving her Advanced Communicator Silver award.

The Advanced Communicator Silver is the second highest award in the Advanced Communication Series and requires the Toastmaster to complete the Competent Communicator manual, as well as four other advanced communication manuals.

It is truly a difficult and long path that Reema Duggal has travelled! 

Next stop: Advance Communiator Gold. Good Luck!

A Beginning and An End

Beginning and End

Cheers to new Toastmaster Nicole Wong as she delivered her first speech and began her journey towards Competent Communicator. Wish you the best of luck and hope you enjoy your journey.

Congratulations to Toastmaster Roberto Fazio as he deliveried his tenth speech and achieved Competent Communicator. Cheering you on as you work towards the next level of certification: Advanced Communicator Bronze.

Toastmasters Experience – Ross Cree

This is what Toastmaster Ross Cree, winner of the 2015 Club Humorous Speech Contest and runner up at the 2015 Area B-35 Humorous Speech Contest has to say about his Toastmasters experience:

“Just wanted to share my experience competing in the Humorous Contest 2015 at our club and area levels. I have to say that if you asked me when I joined GATM in 2013 that I would actually be competing in any speaking contest, I would say that you were crazy. Through the Toastmasters program and the support of a great club like GATM I had soon mustered enough confidence to sign on to compete. It was quite a surprise to myself to place first at the club level and second at the area level. I could not have done it without the encouragement and coaching of the members at this club!”

Huge Milestones – Completion of Six Speeches


from left to right: Roberto Fazio, Ross Cree, Marika Carter, Len Liscio, and Wendy Rintoul

Huge accomplishments and congratulations to these 5 dedicated Toastmasters as they all recently completed 6 speeches from the Competent Communicator manual. 

As Toastmasters that have completed 6 speeches, they are presented with a Certificate of Merit to commemorate their feat. In addition, they are now eligible to compete in the Toastmasters International Speech Contest.  Congratulation Toastmasters and keep up the great work!

Toastmaster and Product Manager Norkys Crespo

In 2011 I arrived in Oakville, Ontario as a new immigrant. Originally from Venezuela, English was my third language after Spanish and French.

I decided to intensify my learning of the English language through a focused university program. Even though I finished the English program with great marks, I thought something was missing for me. I felt a lack of communication skill and was almost afraid to talk to others.  As a Pharmaceutical Product Manager, I needed to change that.

One day someone mentioned Toastmaster’s and I decided to investigate.  I’m really glad I did, and really glad I joined Glen Abbey Toastmasters in September 2012.

I thought the motivation for people to join Toastmasters was to become better public speakers and communicators by achieving their Competent Communicator designation at the end of 10 speeches. What surprised me was how many people focus on mastering public speaking and taking leadership roles – essentials skills for dealing with people anywhere. I learn a lot from people in our club that have been Toastmasters for over 10 years.

I’m also very happy that the club experience ties closely with my expectations and goals. Since joining Toastmasters, my communication and public speaking skills have improved considerably. It’s also changed my life for the better. At GATM I have found a very supportive environment and a friendly atmosphere. I have met very interesting people. I get powerful feedback each time I deliver a speech or take on a role. I get to take on leadership roles – this past year I was on the Club Executive as Club Secretary. I have a great time at every meeting.

Toastmaster & Author Paul Dubal

Who Knew?  That here in our membership at Glen Abbey Toastmasters (GATM) is a budding Author with not one, but two books published to date.

That’s right, Paul Dubal, Author of “Crimes against Humanity” and most recently “The Dictator of Britain”, resident of Oakville, and a member of GATM. Paul was recently featured in an article in the Oakville Beaver.

Paul has been a member of GATM since October 2012 and is our current VP of Membership. We interviewed him recently to ask how Toastmasters has helped him as an Author both professionally and personally.

Toastmasters has helped me in so many ways. One of the biggest challenges for an author is to seek an audience for their work and this means a degree of self-promotion. Today this is often carried out in the social media sphere but more often than not means being able to talk about the books.

Gave Me Confidence

I found that the skills I acquired at Toastmasters have been extraordinarily useful in a number of situations. For example when I was conducting a book signing at Chapters, I needed to have the confidence to approach people and ask them if they would like to buy my book. I fully understand that for a customer, buying a book for $20 from a first time author is a risk.  I was able to put my ideas together and provide an eloquent and articulate ‘sales pitch’ about the book.  I was also able to explain why they would enjoy reading it, which convinced many people to decide to buy.

Put My Ideas In Order

I think it has also helped in social situations when people have asked me what my books are about.  I could spend several hours telling them everything about my books but I suspect they would have fallen asleep or made their excuses and left. The discipline acquired from Toastmasters is that I can put my ideas in order on the spot and provide a summary and key highlights of the book that is short and punchy.  It also gives enough information to generate enough interest for the person to check out the book. That skill is surprisingly difficult to attain, and Toastmasters has been invaluable in that regard.

Enjoy Speaking

Finally, I hope to promote my books further in a number of ways – to do more online / newspaper (and hopefully radio) interviews. The recent interview I did for the Oakville Beaver received a lot of attention so that will be a good model to follow. I would also like to present at book clubs and other places to promote my work.  Toastmasters has given me the confidence to get up in front of any type of audience and speak fluently and confidently and above all, enjoy the experience!!

Paul’s books are available to order in hardback, paperback and in all e-book formats through his website www.paulmichaeldubal.com and at most online bookstores.

Paul we wish you great success in your growing career as an author.