The following list provides a brief description of each of the club officer roles.  Elections are held in May each year, and all roles are elected for a one year term. A more complete description can be found by downloading the Club Leadership Handbook from Toastmasters International. 


  • As the  club’s CEO, managing director, cheerleader and coach you provide helpful and  supportive leadership for all of the club’s activities and creating a nurturing  learning environment.
  • Work with  all of the clubs leaders to achieve success in the Distinguished Club Program by  encouraging educational achievements, building and maintaining membership,  attending club officer training, and submitting dues, officer lists and other  documents on time.
  • Serve as the club’s representative at the area,  district and international levels.  Liaise with the Area Governor and other  Area Club Presidents towards mutual success.
  • Provide leadership and guidance for the club  whenever it`s required.
  • Full role description is here from handbook – start on page 23
  • Time  Commitment: 3-4 hours per week

Vice President Education

  • Plan club meetings, complete schedules and assignments at least three weeks in advance
  • Get commitment from club members to achieve their:
    • Competent Communicator
    • Advance Communicator Awards
    • Competent Leadership Award
    • Advance Leadership Awards.
  • Promote and help members in Club contests.
  • Initial member’s Project Completion Records and ensure eligible members fill out their award applications and submit them to Toastmasters International.
  • Full role description is here from handbook – start on page 26
  • Time Commitment:  2-3 hours per week

Vice President Membership

  • The VP Membership is the club’s recruiter and manages the process of bringing in guests and transforming those guests into members.
  • Initiate contact with guests, making them feel welcome and provide them with a Guest Package as well as the follow-up information they need to join.
  • Monitor membership levels and strategize with the executive committee about how to overcome any membership challenges should they occur.
  • Encourage membership retention and growth in the club.
  • Collect membership applications, along with dues/fees, and put forward the motion for voting at club business sessions. Give member dues/fees to Treasurer.
  • Register members with Toastmasters International.
  • Update club membership distribution list and print name tent cards.
  • Participate in Club Membership Building Programs; Beat the Clock, Smedley Award, Talk Up Toastmasters and Distinguished Club Programs.
  • Full role description is here from handbook – start on page 28
  • Time Commitment: 1 to 2 hours on average per week

Vice President Public Relations

  • The VP PR is responsible for developing and directing publicity programs that inform individual members and the general public about Glen Abbey Toastmasters and Toastmasters International.
  • Manage GATM info on website – events, blog, photos, achievements, membership info
  • Manage social media accounts
  • Create and maintain links to the outside world for GATM – local media, other clubs, community
  • Work closely with President and VP Membership to create marketing materials for new and existing members
  • Manage Toastmasters International and GATM brand – make sure all printed and online materials follow standards
  • Full role description is here from handbook – start on bottom of page 30
  • Time Commitment:  2-3 hours per week for September / October, then 1-2 hours per week for rest of year – not counting special events that you may decide to take a lead role in.


  • Maintain accurate membership roster and work with treasurer when submitting dues.
  • Mail and/or update the Toastmasters’ International with current Club Officers.
  • Handle general club correspondence.
  • Keep club files including the club charter, Constitution and Bylaws, minutes, resolutions and correspondence.
  • Record and read meeting minutes.
  • Full role description is here from handbook – start on page 34
  • Time Commitment:  2 hours per week at meetings


  • Prepare a budget to be approved by the executive committee and membership within a month of taking office.
  • Provide bank with new signature card by July 1st/January 1st.
  • Prepare and send membership renewal dues/statements to members by August 15th.
  • Collect dues and ensure submitted to world headquarters by October 1st and at each time a new member joins.
  • Work with VP-Membership to contact members who have not paid dues.
  • Keep records of all financial transactions and provide reports to executive.
  • Make timely deposits of funds received and payments for rent and approved expenses.
  • Full role description is here from handbook – start on page 37
  • Time Commitment:   1 hour per week on average

Sergeant at Arms

  • Maintain Club equipment and keep an adequate number of supplies.
  • Arrange the room at least 10 minutes before the meeting starts.
  • Make sure the lectern is in place, evaluation forms and ballots are distribute; ensure the club banner, awards, supply catalog, progress chart and educational material are displayed.
  • Arrange place cards and make name badges available.
  • Arrange for food service at meal meetings.
  • Ensure the meeting starts on time
  • Collect ballots and tally votes for awards.
  • Full role description is here from handbook – start on page 42
  • Time Commitment:  2.5 hours per week at meetings