The Toast should be given to a single person, or sometimes a group. 

  • In giving praise to someone, it should be mentioned why the praise is being given. In other words, a build-up of the person being honored is necessary. 
  • The name of the person should always be given last, keeping the audience in suspense until the very last moment. 
  • If possible, toast a person who has recently done something exceptional and focus on their achievements.

To give the toast: 

  • Stand and give background information on the person [for instance, the Queen].
  • Then take your glass in your hand and say: “Will you please stand … [Wait until everyone is standing] and join me in a toast … to the Queen”.
  • The phrase “to the Queen” is repeated by everyone, and everyone drinks.

After the toast, say: “Please be seated”, and sit down.


1-3 minutes in length.