The SAA’s responsibility is to ensure that the meeting room is well prepared and that the meeting itself starts on time with enthusiasm is under his/her jurisdiction. It is not expected that SAA carry out all the required duties on his/her own but it is essential that the required work gets done. Delegation of responsibility to committee members or any other reliable person is very important to ensure meetings run smoothly. Coordination with other members and executives is essential to doing a good job.

Advance Preparation

  • Planning ahead is the key to a successful Toastmaster meeting.
  • Ensure that you have all the materials required for the meeting (lectern, educational materials, timing light, voting forms, ribbons or certificates and trophies, etc.). The SAA is fully responsible for the administration and management of the Club property.

Pre-Meeting Activities

  • Set up Lectern, timing light and any special equipment requested.
  • Post proper signs to help guests find the meeting room.
  • Lay out education materials, name cards, guest book, brochures, etc.
  • Distribute agendas and any other handouts provided.
  • Hang up Club banner.
  • Lay out trophies on table in front of lectern and gavel on top of lectern.

When Members and Guests Arrive

  • Greet all meeting attendees and make them feel welcome
  • Request guests to sign the guestbook
  • Make temporary name cards for the guests
  • Ensure members pick up their name tags
  • Explain or get someone to explain the Toastmasters program to the guests with the help of the promotional literature provided for the guests.
  • Assign a member host to each non-Toastmaster guest for the duration of the meeting.

To Start The Meeting

  • Ensure the meeting starts on time.  If there is a delay in the meeting start – announce it to club members from the lecturn
  • Bang the gavel and welcome all members and guests to the Glen Abbey Toastmasters Club #8644 meeting
  • Introduce the Chairperson.  It is helpful to know something about the Chairperson so you can make a proper introduction – eg – time with club, roles held, other pertinent and interesting information

During The Meeting

  • Sit near the door – or assign someone – so you can ensure any late arrivals are taken care of easily and quickly without disturbing the rest of the meeting
  • Ensure extra chairs are available for the late comers
  • Collect ballots and feedback forms in a manner requested by whomever is in control of the meeting at the time.
  • Tally votes, complete awards certificates, and provide to Chairperson

After Recess / Second Half of Meeting

  • Call the meeting to order on time
  • Introduce the Toastmaster in this manner:
  • Now, to start our Prepared Speeches portion, I would like to present to you a very fine Toastmaster who will be hosting this part of the meeting.  This person …………………………………………………………………………………
  • Ladies & gentlemen, please help me welcome our toastmaster for this evening, Toastmaster ………………… [Lead applause, pass the gavel to the Toastmaster and take a seat.]

After The Meeting

  • Clean up the meeting room with the help of other members. Keep any reusable materials such as extra ballot forms, handouts, educational material, etc.
  • Pack all items neatly in the boxes in the same manner they were packed at the start of the meeting. Check if anything requires a refill for the next meeting.
  • Ensure all materials are complete and packed away properly.
  • Make a final quick tour of the premises to ensure nothing is left behind, and that the room is clean and neat. You or your delegate should be last person out of the room.