The secretary role has two tasks:

  1. to read the minutes of the past meeting
  2. to take notes of the information of the current meeting.

The secretary goes to the Minutes of the Meetings binder and takes the minutes from the previous week. As well, s/he takes a new minute’s template to be filled during this current meeting.

 At the start of the meeting, when the secretary is asked to read the minutes of the past meeting, s/he will read the section clearly marked to be read.

 During the meeting, as it proceeds, s/he will fill in the information requested.

 At the end of the meeting, s/he will put back the previous meeting’s minutes, as well as the current meeting’s minutes in the Minutes of the Meetings binder.

 This will then be available for the next week’s secretary. The Minutes of the Meeting binder is kept on premises.


2-3 minutes maximum